Four and Twenty Author Release: Consumed

Consumed, by David Hill

By David Hill
156 pages, $14.00, available on

David Hill, an Oxford-educated writer who recently immigrated to the Pacific Northwest, offers quirky perspectives on life, love, and globalization in Consumed, his first book of poems published in the United States. A journalist whose normal beat is international economy and culture, Hill is known to readers of his poetry as “a polylingual perversely talented poet, [who] does devilishly contrived things with the language. He’s raunchy, unsolemn, and very funny.”—Light Quarterly, Chicago. Containing poems that have previously appeared in anthologies and journals on both sides of the Atlantic, Consumed is populated by characters in the grip of consuming passions, global consumerism, or both.

“David Hill makes the everyday surreal—and writes unashamedly and delightfully about love. Imagine a shape-shifter, a spinner of yarns, a poet from Transylvania via the U.S. and leafy England, whose poems are small gothic tales of lost dogs, lovesick girls, royal houses gone to pot, celebrities in domestic situation comedies, vampires in the belfry, menopausal women and much more.”—Rosemary Dun, founder and host, Big Mouth Poetry

“Long an admirer, I had been prepared to be amused by David Hill’s new collection of poems. I was not quite prepared for how astonishingly good they are. He is also well on his way to becoming a major poet—perhaps the first for the era of globalization.”—James Bowman, former American editor, the Times Literary Supplement

“David Hill has written a number of highly astute poems—I’d mention “Moneytime,” “Philology” and “Storchenbotschaft” as examples—that combine a sharp line with the spot-on image, communicating and moving more or less immediately but inviting re-readings that strengthen the initial perception. His poems take in the countries that – no ‘New Europe’ – have always been as much a Europe as London, Paris and Amsterdam. The eye and the attitude here are those of the observer not passing through but in situ.”—Alistair Noon, poet and reviewer for online magazines including Jacket, Litter, and Eyewear (

“British performance poet David Hill is as funny as Wendy Cope, as hip as Simon Armitage, and as formally adept as John Betjeman—in short, his witty, superbly-crafted verse is as satisfying as mainstream British poetry gets. What sets him apart though, from the current poetry Britpack, is his fearless exploration of the outer limits of acceptable speech acts, his sophisticated knowledge of political economy, and his dandy’s lascivious, winking eye.  If you want to know what love or sex after the Wall came down was like, he’s your man.  This is a hugely entertaining, sometimes thought-provoking, and often controversial collection of poems that should attract new readers to poetry.  It will surely please all those who crave a bit of rhythm and rhyme with their rock and roll.”—Todd Swift, Oxfam GB Poet In Residence, leading Canadian poet and poetry activist


Note: As a means of expressing our gratitude to our featured poets, Four and Twenty willingly and happily announces the release of their new books. The above content was provided by the author, and is neither a review or an endorsement of the author’s work by the staff of Four and Twenty.

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