The New Issue of Four and Twenty is Online

The March 2009 issue of Four and Twenty is available for download (PDF 1.4MB). The journal is best viewed in full screen mode on Adobe Reader.

March 2009

This issue features work by the following poets: TJ Acena, Nyla Alisia, Mary Charman-Smith, Alison Comfort, Jann Everard, Spencer Fisher, Cara Holman, Jason L. Huskey, Dave Jarecki, Julia LeMay, Lou Maltese, Hosho McCreesh, (Ms.) James Savage, C. P. Stewart, Jeryl Swanson, and James Toupin.

5 Responses to The New Issue of Four and Twenty is Online

  1. […] delighted to have a small poem featured in the March issue of 4&20 Poetry, a wonderful online journal that Declaration Editing puts out each month to celebrate the smallest […]

  2. Nyla Alisia says:

    Thank you so much for including my small musings in the March 2009 issue of Four and Twenty! What a delightful publication! Vinnie was incredible to work with and I thank you all for the work you put into making this possible! It is great to be included with so many wonderful poets!

    Hiaku for Vinnie

    Read Four and Twenty
    just four lines and twenty words
    Small poems with big heart

    Thanks again! Great job everyone!

  3. Vinnie Kinsella says:

    I’m glad to have both of you featured in the journal.

    Thanks for the haiku, Nyla. I love it.

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