Four and Twenty of the Week, April 14


Like red wine
on white linen,
my lips will never
be free from this kiss.

By Nyla Alisia

Nyla Alisia’s poems “Old Love Letters” and “Blank” are featured in the current issue of the journal.

8 Responses to Four and Twenty of the Week, April 14

  1. Nyla Alisia says:

    Yay!!!! Thank you Four and Twenty!

  2. boondockrod says:

    i have stained many and been stained by many and i never once went looking for a cleaner…well written! congrats to you!

  3. Elly says:

    Beautiful work.

  4. Kenny Stuart says:

    beautiful write Ny…
    amazing even in the fewest words,
    a story is told…

  5. I love how you do longing and memory at the same time. Can’t wait to hear the show tomorrow.

  6. Oddpoet says:

    Powerful write Nyla!

  7. Congrats Nyla…… I love this piece… so little words , yet says so much !!! love ya o

  8. Dave says:

    gorgeous poem!

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