The April Issue is Online (And it’s a Big One)

Happy National Poetry Month!

The April 2009 Double Issue of Four and Twenty is available for download (PDF 1.6MB). The journal is best viewed in full screen mode on Adobe Reader.

April 2009

This issue of the journal features a bevy of great poets: Becky Alexander, Judi Brannan Armbruster, Ashley Atkins, Marina Blokker, Jenna Carlos, Martha Christina, Kim Clark, Barbara Lydecker Crane, Kevin Daiss Nancy Day, Rhonda-Lee Dynes, Esther Elizabeth, Linda Ferguson, Tyler Gabrysh, F. I. Goldhaber, Quinton Hallett, Shawna Harch, Cara Holman, Heidi Kenyon, Mark Lavorato, Peter Lovering,Vanessa Marfin, Leah McDaniel, John McKernan, Christine McNair, Patrick David Moran, T. Marie Nantais, Mary Jane Nordgren, Bryan Pannill, Wendy Passalent, Piotr Pawlowski, Brian Pike, Shelley Harrison Rae, Adina Schenkenberger, Kevin Spenst, Richard Stevenson, C. P. Stewart, Lynn Tait, Mark Thalman, Mehnaz Thawer, Christen Thomas, Joanna M. Weston, Marianna Hane Wiles, Clint Williams, and Holly Witte.

Correction: The first version released of this issue incorrectly listed Nancy Day’s poem “The Secret of Life” as an untitled poem. If you want the corrected file, simply re-download the issue.

One Response to The April Issue is Online (And it’s a Big One)

  1. Dave says:

    Love the 8 & 40 issue! Nicely done.

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