Four and Twenty Author Release: Life Leaves Stains

Life Leaves Stains
by Shelley Harrison Rae
$15.00 plus shipping and handling.
To purchase, please contact the poet:
Shelley Harrison Rae

Shelley Harrison Rae is proud to announce the release of her new collection of poems, Life Leaves Stains. Coast Reporter review describes the collection as “lean and intimate, wry observations on a world of love and heartache. Colorful imagery is reflected in black and white photos of the stains we all endure.” Samples from the collection can be read at


As a means of expressing our gratitude to our featured poets, Four and Twenty willingly and happily announces the release of their new books.The above content was provided by the author, and is neither a review or an endorsement of the author’s work by the staff of Four and Twenty.

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