Four and Twenty of the Week, July 27

Diner Mouse

Spine arched, paws cupped,
claws curled, mind manic,
with hoary, oiled fur; with appetite
it pilfers the odd orange seed.

Tim Galati

Tim Galati of Maine, New York, is a forthcoming writer who enjoys crafting poems, short stories, and especially novellas and novels. He also attends college and greatly admires nature.

2 Responses to Four and Twenty of the Week, July 27

  1. weekdaypoet says:

    Never enjoyed a description of a mouse so much as in those first two lines, the noun+adj formula worked so well — but most of all I love the oddness, the whimsicalness, expressed in him going for “the odd orange seed.” Sticks in my mind for a time disproportionate to its length.

  2. […] Copyright 2010 Jobey George. This poem was inspired by the latest poem on Four and Twenty, Tim Galati’s Diner Mouse. […]

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