Four and Twenty Author Release: It Lies in States

It Lies in States
by Joseph Carlough
Available for $7.00 through Displaced Snail Publications

It Lies in States is a singular experience of America, each of the 50 states existing as a poem, including quirky sidenotes, comical anecdotes, surreal visions, and honest experiences. The author, Joseph Carlough, formats, prints, and binds each copy in his home base in New Jersey. The book includes illustrations by Alyssa San Valentin. Each cover is recycled from an old scarf or placemat, each book is bound with nuts and bolts, and the pages are a fine ivory 32lb. cottonstock.

It Lies in States can be ordered through Displaced Snail Publications’ Etsy account,, or through the author’s website,

As a means of expressing our gratitude to our featured poets, Four and Twenty happily announces the release of their new books. The above content was provided by the author. It is neither a review or an endorsement of the author’s work.

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