Four and Twenty of the Week, August 2

Moving on

A pearl fell out of a letter,
a pearl we found when we were young
and thought it meant something.

Nina E. Larsen

Nina E. Larsen has published work in Norway and New York, won a poetry contest in a national newspaper in Norway, and holds an MA in French Literature from Sorbonne/Oslo University.

2 Responses to Four and Twenty of the Week, August 2

  1. We are so sure we matter to the universe when we are young. But then again as we grow older. You’ve captured an essence in so few words. Congratulations

    • Nina E. Larsen says:

      Thank you Mary Jane Nordgren, I am on holiday in France with my husband’s family and wanted to show them the poem and then I saw the comment and I must say it makes me feel very proud and a little bit wise. Thank you! I will look for your poems and read…
      have a nice august, kind rgs from Nina

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