Four and Twenty of the Week, August 23

Haiku CX

stop to look and see
in everything a poem
my pen a fountain


dt.haase is a wanderer for wonder, whimsy, and wisdom. He is a pen and ink artist, poet, homeschooling father, and college professor. |

One Response to Four and Twenty of the Week, August 23

  1. Ron. says:

    Bold choices for L2; I’m always hesitant to use either “everything” or “poem” in strictly syllabicated haiku, as I have lived in places where “everything” is regularly pronounced as either 3 or 4 (ie “ev-er-y-thing” or “ev-ry-thing”. Same is true for either “po-em” or (as they say here in the Northeast) “pome”.

    Whichever, however, I enjoyed this work. Salute!

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