Special Issue: Poems and Artwork from Students at Clackamas High School

We are pleased to share with you a special edition of Four and Twenty featuring poems and artwork by the students in Peter Pommer’s class at Clackamas High School in Clackamas, Oregon. Click here or on the image below to download this special issue (PDF 742 kB).

This issue features artwork and poetry by Maggie Allen, Taylor Anderson, Mackenzie Barnes, Sarah Beebe, Courtney Bladen, Kayla Bolin, Jessica Cabello, Elizabeth Calvo, Elizabeth Casey, Wyatt Croxton, Emily Derby, Brooke Ensley, Paige Ferry, Laney Fonken, Braven Fritz, Terrence Gotz, Sheldon Hilton, Sarah Horgen, Kyle Jenkins, Alan Johnston, Brent Koekkoek, Dalton Krajewski, Mallory Ovist, Justin Phan, Nina Phan, Kevin Phuong, Peter Pommer, Mariah Scholes, Cassidy Scott, Sarah Stephens, Tanner Sundwall, and Gloria Zaytsev.

This special edition is part of our Four and Twenty in the Classroom project inspired by the Classroom Publishing project at Ooligan Press. As part of the program, our staff teaches students about the process of publishing a literary journal. These students put what they learn into practice by partnering with us to create student-written, student-edited issues of Four and Twenty. We are happy to share with you the result of all their hard work.

2 Responses to Special Issue: Poems and Artwork from Students at Clackamas High School

  1. Brian says:

    Amazing. Some of these poems could be submitted and accepted by established print and online poetry journals.

    Too much goodness here to respond to all so just a couple of direct comments:

    Mackenzie: You’re in good company with your theme, company millenia old:

    From the famous collection of Japanese Court Poetry titled “Kokinshu” there is this:

    A poem from a poetry contest held by Her Majesty, the Empress, in the Kanpyô period.

    yuki Furite
    tosi no kurenuru
    toki ni koso
    tsuFi ni momidinu
    matu mo miekere

    Snow falls and
    The year comes to an end,
    It is at this time that
    Truly, evergreen
    The pine tree seems.

    KKS VI: 340

    Mariah: Too bad you hate the stuff, you’re already a poet! Here’s a poem by Marianne Moore that might make coming to grips with your fate a bit easier: http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/15654

    To all Clackamas poets: Well done! Who knew you had it in you, eh? (Yes, we really do say that in Canada.)

    Brian Zimmer

  2. Laura Truitt says:

    Yay!!! The student edition. My favorite!!!! Long Lost Companion was strikng to me. I also loved Unfamiliar. Bravo to everyone.

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