Four and Twenty Author Releases

Dreaming in Red
by Howie Good
Available for $12.95 through Lulu.

Dreaming in Red is a new collection of poems by Howie Good.

All proceeds from the sale of this book benefit the Crisis Center (, a non-profit agency in Birmingham, Alabama, offering suicide prevention, services to victims of sexual assault, day treatment for the indigent mentally ill, and other services.

Dreaming in Red can be ordered from Right Hand Pointing Press through Lulu (


Poetic Images
By Judy Davies
Available for $12.00 though Kenvad Books

Judy Davies first book of poetry, Poetic Images, is now available through Kenvad Books. In her collection of nearly forty poems and numerous color photos, the author invites you to relax and settle in as she tempts your palate by weaving a kaleidoscope of color into her poetry.

Copies of Poetic Images can be ordered through Kenvad Books (

As a means of expressing our gratitude to our featured poets, Four and Twenty happily announces the release of their new books. The above content was provided by the authors. It is neither a review or an endorsement of their work.

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