New Classroom Edition: Poems from Students at Clackamas High School

We are pleased to share with you another edition of Four and Twenty in the Classroom featuring poems by the students in Peter Pommer’s class at Clackamas High School in Clackamas, Oregon. Click here or on the image below to download this special issue (PDF 648 kB).
This issue features poetry by Nickalus Aasen,  Alina Alcheyeva, Nick Bourdon, Kailey Carter, Katelynn Cianci, Westley Coleman, Nasser Farhoud, Andy Forton, Ben Freeman, Alejandra Garcia, Zach Hodgins, Ethan Isaac, Kieran Jones, Constantinos Krake, Kenny Martinez, Christina Markley, Brittani Mills, Lydia Milsark, Rebekah Pierce, Dennis Shkvarkovskiy, Ilsa Stabenow, Hailee Stockdale, Kasey Toedtemeier, Wyatt Underwood, Laurissa Woodbury, and Amber Wright.

This special edition is part of our Four and Twenty in the Classroom program inspired by the Classroom Publishing project at Ooligan Press. As part of the program, our staff teaches students about the process of publishing a literary journal. These students put what they learn into practice by partnering with us to create student-written, student-edited issues of Four and Twenty. We are happy to share with you the result of all their hard work.

One Response to New Classroom Edition: Poems from Students at Clackamas High School

  1. Judith Steele says:

    New Classroom Edition: I always like the energy and perceptions of young people’s thoughts, and poetry.

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