Four and Twenty of The Week, June 18, 2013


Simon Hanson lives in rural South Australia. He works in a small school where his students teach him new things everyday.
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3 Responses to Four and Twenty of The Week, June 18, 2013

  1. carl conrad says:

    I have to admit, I don’t get this one. Is the word “jellies” an active word, like something moving, or is it a thing, like little globs of the moon around the bay? And what are the “thousand little suns”? Sparkles on the water, or something like that? If so, Don’t they just disappear when the sun goes down instead of “drifting” into the night? I guess I’m just not poetic enough for this one, my friend from down under.

  2. Simon Hanson says:

    Hi Carl
    thanks for your thoughts – moon jellies are a type of jelly fish inhabiting Australian waters that sometimes congregate in their thousands (worth a quick image search on Google). They can present a wonderful sight as those floating on the surface capture the light of the setting sun in their translucent bells making them glow a lovely soft orange. They are the ‘thousand little suns drifting into the night’.

    cheers Simon
    (from way ‘down under’)

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