June 2013 • Volume 6 • Issue 6

Click here or on the image below to download the June 2013 issue of Four and Twenty (PDF 630 KB). The journal is best viewed in full screen mode on Adobe Reader.


This issue of the journal features poetry by Damian Balassone, Marina Blokker, David Clarke, Seth Crook, William Cullen, Jr., Tracy Davidson, Toni Gardner, John J. Han, Ph.D., Simon Hanson, Cindy Hines, Karen Garrison, Lucian Mattison, o.o. mehallerbmu, Max Merckenschlager, Brandon T. Roach, Mary Louise Peters,  and Shirdog.

A new issue of the journal is released the third Tuesday of each month. The next issue of the journal will be released on Tuesday, June 16.

One Response to June 2013 • Volume 6 • Issue 6

  1. […] Speaking of the being proud … My high school and college classmate Karen Garrison (Nancy Karen Vandiver) has a poem published in the current issue of “Four and Twenty”. You can read it at: http://4and20poetry.com/2013/06/18/june-2013-%E2%80%A2-volume-6-%E2%80%A2-issue-6/ […]

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