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If you have any questions about the journal, please contact our publisher, Vinnie Kinsella, using the form below. If you are having difficulty using our Submittable page, please visit their support page for help.

Please do not use the form below to submit your work. Instead, follow the directions over on our submissions page.



1. Do titles count against the twenty-word limit?

No. Although we do ask that you please limit the title of your poem to six words.

2. Do stanza breaks count against the line limit?

No. Your poem is limited to four lines of type, but not to one stanza.

3. Do I have to be a certain age to submit my poetry?

No. We want poems from all different ages, representing all levels of writing experience. If you think you have a great submission, send it in.


1. Will you post a review of my poetry book on your site?

Sorry, we don’t do book reviews. If you send us a book in the mail to review, we will consider it a gift, read it, and tell our friends about, but we will not post a review of it on our site.

2. Will you promote my new poetry book on your site?

On one condition: you must be someone whose work has been featured in our journal. Since we don’t compensate our authors, we look for other ways to show them our gratitude. One of the ways we do this is to promote their new releases. We do not review or endorse these books, we simply make mention of them to our readers. If you want us to promote your new release on our site, but you’ve never been featured in the journal, you’d better get to writing some good poems for us to consider.

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