Congratulations on having your writing selected for publication in Four and Twenty!

The information below will answer some of the more common questions we receive after a poem is selected for publication in the journal. We take the rights of our authors seriously, and we want to make sure all our authors understand how much we value their work. Sure, we may be publishing only twenty of your words, but those twenty words represent your work as an author. We want you to be happy that your name is in our journal. To help us create the best possible journal we can, we ask you to read through the information below to understand the basic guidelines we follow for bringing a poem to its fullest potential. You will also find a discussion of rights you have as an author and information about a special privilege reserved only for authors published in our journal.

Author Bios

Author bios are required of all poets featured in Four and Twenty. When you write your author bio, please follow the guidelines below. If for some reason we must edit your bio, you will get a chance to review and respond to our edits once we send out proofs of the journal.

Guidelines for writing your author bio:

  • Limit your bio to thirty-five words.
  • Start with your name as you want it to appear in the journal.
  • Write your bio in third person: “Joan Poet is…”
  • Use a professional tone. (It’s okay to be personal, but please don’t go overboard.)
  • Highlight your accomplishments as a writer.
  • Feel free to include names of publications your work has appeared in, titles of books you’ve published, and URLs for your personal blog or website.
  • Please spell out all college and organization names: Portland State University, not PSU.

Here are some examples of good author bios:

Linda May Langwith is the author of The Golden Crusader, a mystery-suspense novel published by Twilight Times Books, and a writer for Peninsula Times magazine (

Michael Dylan Welch of Sammamish, Washington, is a Washington Poets Association board member, founder of the Tanka Society of America, and editor of Tundra: The Journal of the Short Poem.

Poem Titles

We do not require titles for poems featured in Four and Twenty. However, a good title can often enhance the reader’s enjoyment and understanding of a poem. If you would like to provide us with a title for a poem that was submitted without a title, feel free to do so. Untitled poems will be indicated by an asterisk * on the contents page and on the page in which the poem is featured.

Editorial Changes

It’s our policy to accept poems with the intent to publish as-is. However, for the sake of clarity, we may add or omit punctuation in your poem or correct an obvious typographical error. You will be able to review such changes when proofs are sent out for review. If we have any larger suggestions for improvement (such as a word change, line break, or title change), we will ask for your approval before making the change. If you decide not to accept our suggestions, our feelings won’t be hurt. We want you to like the final version.

Due to the increasing number of poets we feature from outside the United States (a fact we are very proud of), we have adopted the following policy for handling the slight differences between American and British English. If you are a poet from outside the United States whose poetry follows the conventions of British English, those conventions are upheld in your poem. However, all author bios are edited to conform to the standards of American English. We thought this was a good way to meet in the middle.


A few days before publication of the issue in which your work is featured, we will give you an opportunity to review the issue. At that time, we will ask you to review your poem (or poems) and bio to make sure they are perfect. In the event that we somehow botch a poem or bio at the time of publication, don’t fret. We’re an online journal, so corrections can be made easily.

Rights and Permissions

Declaration Editing is granted first North American serial rights and first electronic rights for poems appearing in Four and Twenty. All selected poems will appear online at Four and Twenty’s website ( and on Declaration Editing’s website ( and blog (

We ask that none of the accepted writing appear anywhere online or in print in North America for thirty days after its exclusive appearance on our websites. After this period, reproduction rights revert back to the author. We also ask for the right to archive your work on for one year after the initial publication. (Although your poem is archived for one full year, you are still free to publish your work elsewhere after the exclusive thirty-day publication time has elapsed.) In any subsequent release of the material (online or in print), we ask that you acknowledge Four and Twenty.

Frequency of Submission

A poet’s work can appear in no more than four issues of the journal per volume. A volume consists of one calendar year, from January through December. Once you have reached that limit, we ask that you wait until a new volume begins before you submit new work.

About the Four and Twenty of the Week

Four and Twenties of the Week are chosen from the submissions pool to be featured in the blog post section of our website. These poems serve as active content on our site. An author’s work is eligible to become a Four and Twenty of the Week if he or she has other poems already accepted for publication in the journal. A new Four and Twenty of the Week will appear on the site each Tuesday. If one of your poems is selected as a Four and Twenty of the Week, it will be featured during the month in which your other work appears in the journal. Four and Twenties of the Week will be archived on the site for one year. These poems are subject to the same rights agreement as poems featured in the journal proper.

A Special Privilege for Our Authors

At this time, we cannot offer monetary compensation to poets featured in the journal. Since we don’t charge for the online journal (and never intend to), we have no wealth to share. As a means of showing our gratitude to you, our featured poets, we will happily promote your new poetry book releases on our website. If you have an upcoming release of a poetry book, send us a press release. Only Four and Twenty authors have the privilege of seeing their books promoted on our site. Please take note that we will neither endorse nor review these books. By announcing your book’s release, we are simply saying thanks for your contribution to the journal.


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Vinnie Kinsella, Publisher:

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